We thought it would be nice to give everyone a chance to introduce themselves in their own words!
Thank you to Sara Botero (@qitiji) for the beautiful illustrations!





BIANCA (she/her)

Born and raised in Rome (Italy), where I began my zero waste journey in 2016. In 2018, while in Edinburgh for my MSc in Environmental Sustainability, we launched our small business Zero Waste Path. I love snorkelling, cooking+eating vegan food and planning obsessively our van conversion!






GIULIO (he/him) 

Avid book reader, would spend every weekend snowboarding if he could. Into Pokemon almost as much as into sustainability. 50% of the ZWP duo, but currently working full time on his PhD at Cambridge University








MATTEO (he/him)

Walking Italian stereotype. Law Grad. Obsessed with basic things like movies and photography. Talks about the Queen a lot.








ESME (she/her)  

Bristol bred and born. Conservation expert and baking enthusiast. Has an unhealthy obsession with kittens (insists she’s not a cat lady).







FEDERICO (he/him)

I’m Federico, I’m 23 and I was born in Ortona, a small town in Abruzzo (Italy). I like to travel, meet new people and I love to eat. I love to exercise and walk, and I like to listen to music and spend time in nature.





SARA (she/her)

I was born in Colombia and being surrounded by such amazing nature sparked my passion for climate justice. Which led me to do my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and recently I started my masters in Sustainable Food & Natural Resources in Wales. I will soon be moving there in my van named Spud. I love cuddling animals and I hope that soon I’ll be able to adopt a ferret!







Hi, I'm Ettore and I'm a very cute Staffie cross! My parents (Bianca + Giulio) adopted me in 2018 when I was 9 months old! I love cuddles, destroying my toys and manipulating humans with my cuteness!