UK SHOP // SUMMER BREAK 17/08-29/08


How did Zero Waste Path come to happen? Well to get to the how we first have to walk about the why, the story of what motivated Bianca and Giulio to even have the idea of creating Zero Waste Path! 

The Why

Both Bianca and Giulio started their zero-waste journey in 2016 and started to seek out more sustainable replacements to incorporate in their lives. They found it tricky to navigate which companies have values that aligned with theirs and which companies were using the rise in popularity of the zero-waste movement as an opportunity to greenwash.
As customers they didn’t want perfection from the companies that they bought from, but they wanted transparency so that they could make a well-informed decision. Along the journey, Bianca started making more and more of her own products and in time started flirting with the idea of opening an online shop.   

The how

Bianca and Giulio started Zero Waste Path in their kitchen and opened their online shop in February 2018. From then on, they have sold online and have attend many markets where they were able to engage with costumers and get feedback. At the time of starting ZWP, Giulio had a full-time job and Bianca was pursuing her Masters in Environmental Sustainability in Edinburgh.
Bianca and Giulio then moved to Cambridge and after a while they were able to rent a workshop so they they no longer have to use their kitchen! Bianca now works full-time in ZWP alongside a team of seven wonderful people and Giulio helps out in his spare time as he is now doing a PhD! And of course, their two adorable dogs, Ettore and Nora provide great moral support and supervising!
Apart from our cloth products and our tape, we produce all other products in our workshop in Cambridge. We don’t outsource because it allows us to have complete oversight of as much of the production line as possible to be able make decisions that align with our values. Our values are handmade, vegan, plastic-free, circular, cruelty-free, natural, renewable energy and palm-oil free.