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Why Plastic-free?

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We have eight values that underpin our business. These values help us to carry on being true to the vision that started back in 2018.

One of these eight values is being plastic-free. In the following blog post, we'll be explaining why we chose plastic-free as one of our values and what this really means to us at Zero Waste Path.

Why Plastic-Free?

Firstly, plastic is not biodegradable because it is made from petroleum. It takes up to — or even more than — a hundred years to decompose but it never biodegrades. Instead, it turns into microplastics and we all know how damaging microplastics are to our environment and our health!

Secondly, it's a misconception that plastic can be infinitely recycled. This myth has been cleverly fabricated by companies that use plastic packaging to ease the conscience of their consumers, thereby allowing them to carry on with business as usual!

The Truth About Plastic Recycling

The truth is that plastic can only be recycled a couple of times before it loses its integrity and therefore needs to be disposed of. When this happens, the plastic will usually find its way into the sea, into a landfill or it will be incinerated.

Wherever a piece of plastic eventually ends up, its life cycle inevitably degrades the environment and causes harm to both humans and animals.

Of course, not all plastic is bad. Plastic is very much needed in certain places, such as the medicine and healthcare sectors, as well as other areas. However, plastic has become so commonplace because of its low cost, that it's hard to escape it even in places where it is not necessary.

This is why at Zero Waste Path, we go above and beyond in creating products that are as plastic-free as possible. Not only that, but a great amount of detail goes into making the different production phases plastic-free too. This means that when our customers buy from us, they can be confident that they're truly making a difference.

Plastic-free Products

Whenever you buy a product from us, whether it is deodorant or a shampoo bar, it all comes in plastic-free packaging. You'll also notice that your order is posted to you plastic-free as well!

The only exception to our plastic-free policy is when it comes to the pipettes for the Beauty Oils. However, you can keep the same pipette forever and once your Beauty Oil runs out we sell refills without the pipette. 

Plastic-free Production

We believe that the 'invisible' waste is just as important — if not more important — than the waste the customer sees.

It's one thing to have plastic-free products, but what good is it if the bins of the manufacturer are full of plastic? So here at Zero Waste Path, we pay great attention to where we get our supplies from and that our production process is in line with our values. We take every step with the objective of being the most sustainable that we can be. 

The Obstacles We Face

As can be expected from starting a zero-waste company in a non-circular economy, we have come up against many obstacles in our journey. We have always strived to learn from these obstacles and evolve.

At Zero Waste Path, we sometimes haven't been able to be 100% plastic-free, but we try incredibly hard to be. Whenever we do not achieve this goal, we're completely transparent about it.

We share behind-the-scenes footage on our website and our social media, this includes the successes and the hiccups along the way. By being transparent, we are holding ourselves accountable to you and us and this helps us to grow and learn. 

In a separate blog post, you can learn more about the circular economy and how we try to incorporate this concept into our business, both in the products that we sell and how we manufacture them.

Don't forget to take advantage of our cumulative return scheme, you can post us your empty tins and glass bottles to get discounts on future purchases! For every tin returned, you get 50 pence off and for every glass bottle you get £1 off! 

Thank You

We want to thank you for reading about our values and we want to especially thank you for being a customer of Zero Waste Path!

Thanks to you, since our opening on February 28th, 2018, we've saved approximately 49,570 plastic bottles from being produced and thrown away!

We hope you stick around with us on this journey and that we grow and learn together. 

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