Why handmade?

 Illustration + Text // Sara Botero


At Zero Waste Path, we pride ourselves that all our products are handmade.

There are many reasons why we started with handmade products and why we will continue to do so, and we thought that it could be nice to share them with you!

We enjoy using simple traditional methods that allow us to control exactly what goes into our products. Unlike mass production, each product is individually made by hand with care, so while there might be some visual “imperfections”, we think that these variations tell the story of a product that is made by people. Not having perfectly identical products also means that each one is unique, and we think that is quite special!

Not only that but for example by using traditional methods of soap making we are carrying on the craft, which we believe to have value in itself. Making our products by hand also allows us to have a lot more control over the production which ensures that each individual product receives attention and care.

Another significant reason that we continue to make our products by hand is that compared to automated systems, it allows us to employ more people and pay them a Real living wage, therefore creating additional fair and ethical jobs in the sustainable sphere, which is something we are very passionate about. After all, no climate justice without social justice!

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  • I think you’re ethos is superb and just wish that more people would look for excellent quality handmade, in the UK, products such as your own. 🤩🤩


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